Count Down Begins to the Most Significant World Tourism Event in Iran

Count Down Begins to the Most Significant World Tourism Event in Iran

The “2017 WFTGA Convention”, Presenting Iranian Humanity and Hospitality…

By: Mina Mehdinia

The Convention Confirmed Seminar, The Deep-rooted Alliance Showcase

The wrap-up meeting held on the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts & Tourism Org. auditorium, on 26 Dec 2016, to finalize the process and report the developments.

Less than one month, Iran will proudly host 400 tourist guides from 45 countries. The Convention acts as an occasion to introduce Iran worldwide and IFTGA ambassadors will well done it.

Morteza Rahmani Movahed, deputy head of the Iran’s Cultural Heritage and Tourism Org. fully cares the Convention, said in his speech: “Great workout is coming, hence our responsibility to protect it is on the rise day after day. Definitely the participants will talk years about Iran’s attractions and Iranian etiquette and hospitality”. “Tourist guides play an important role in the tourism industry and the Convention is the fruit of their mission. To touch the goals, governmental establishments support the convention”, he added.

“Wholeheartedly, all sections should have a hand in this national event, avoid opposition or hostility and warmly work to get the result”, Rahmani Movahed emphasized.

The 2017 Convention executive secretary, Mohsen HajiSaeed said in the 26th Dec seminar: “70 percent of the specialists assured that Iran selected in a most befitting manner. Fighting against Iranophobia and encourage people to travel Iran are the main purposes of us in this Int’l event”.

He also explained the goings-over through the Convention and added: “Thanks to the attempts of Iran’s tourism Org., Mr. Taleb D. Rifai, UNWTO Secretary General, will attend in the day of opening. All details are checked but still we need to get help from the airlines and linked agencies”.

Pre-tour, convention and post-tour’s planning were also clarified with the presence of Director Generals of Tehran, Zanjan, Hamedan, Yazd, Fars and Isfahan Tourism organizations. The mentioned provinces are involved in the planning which will be held on Jan 25th – Feb 6th.

“High quality facilities, standard services and competitive capacities would be the achievement of the Convention”, stated Ali Baqer Ne’mati, director of the Promotion and Marketing Office at Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization.

Registration for the event has started and over 300 foreigner and 111 domestic guides are in the list totally. Almost 250 Iranian Visa Codes are issued till now, 203 are accepted and others are on the process. With no trouble the invitees will get the airport visa.

The event will absolutely lead to show the exact peaceful face of Iran to the world. Collaboration between the organizers controls every details. Full security and safety provide to the Convention guests from the start point to the last step, alongside with best sightseeing tours and conferences awaits them.

Additionally, the 2017 WFTGA Convention’ poster was unveiled during the conference.

In the last part, executive members and the Head, Arash NoorAghaee, negotiated about the rest of the route.

Taleb Rifai Attends WFTGA 2017 Convention

Taleb Rifai Attends WFTGA 2017 Convention

Taleb Rifai Attends WFTGA 2017 Convention

We hereby inform you that Sir. Taleb Rifai, the Secretary-General of the World Tourism Organization, is going to attend “World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations” (WFTGA) 2017 Convention. It should be mentioned that it is the achievement of submitting a request by “Iran Federation of Tourist Guide Associations” (IFTGA) simultaneous with being fully supported by “Iran Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization” (ICHTO). We are rightly proud to announce that Sir. Taleb Rifai is one of the speakers at WFTGA 2017 Convention  opening ceremony.

Taleb Rifai Attends WFTGA 2017 Convention

Taleb Rifai Attends WFTGA 2017 Convention

Arak – in cooperation with Iran Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (IFTGA)

Arak – in cooperation with Iran Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (IFTGA)


Markazi Tourist Guide Association (MTGA)

On November 24th and 25th, Markazi province hosted a summit with the attendance of provincial tourist guide associations’ presidents, vice-presidents, tourism experts and officials including Morteza Rahmani Movahed, the tourism deputy of Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO), in all its glory for 2 days.

The prologue was a speech by Arash Nooraghayee, World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (WFTGA) 2017 Convention chairperson and Iran Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (IFTGA) president. He emphasized hosting the Convention as a momentous international event that strongly demands the unity and exuberance of all tourism activist groups. Furthermore, he added that it would open up an ideal opportunity for establishing relations between Iranian and foreign tourist guides. The summit was continued by providing the attendees with a progress report, which was made by Mohsen Hajisaeid, WFTGA 2017 Convention secretary and IFTGA vice-president. He also referred to attending 2017 Convention as an occasion for exchanging information amongst tourist guides worldwide simultaneous with visiting seven of the former capitals in Iran. Moreover, having mentioned that tourist guides are the cultural ambassadors of each country, he stated that the forthcoming event would be a new chance for all the colleagues to share their own country’s treasures. Finally, it was the time for the provincial delegates to ask their questions on the Convention.


Official Airline

It is with great pleasure that Iran Federation of Tourist Guide Association and Word Federation of Tourist Guide Associations announce to our members world wide

Emirates is the official airline for the 2017 WFTGA Convention in Iran.

Members travelling to Iran for the 2017 convention are spread around the globe. The Emirateds, connections and flights may not suite all of our members. However, we are establishing links, connections, contacts in an effort to give  our WFTGA members world wide as many advantages and discounts as possible.

We continue to work hard to bring as many more advantages as possible.

Should you ave any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, it will be a pleasure to assist you.


Official Airline discount is for travel to and from Tehran, Iran on Emirates and for use by WFTGA 2017 International Tourist Guide Convention attendees only.

10% discount on all Emirates Economy and Business Class published market direct return fares to WFTGA’s 2017 International Tourist Guide Convention in Tehran, Iran.

Applies to flights taken from Saturday, 21 January – Wednesday, 8 February, 2017.

These special discounts may not be used in conjunction with any other promotion, discount or special offer.

Normal airport taxes, ticketing fees and other applicable surcharges apply.

Book only at reached direct or through the   or  dedicated webpage and enter the special promotion.

Please Contact to receive the EVENT CODE for the discount.

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines is a preferred airline of World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations 2017 International Tourist Guide Convention in Iran.  Special discounts are offered on certain booking classes displayed only on the Turkish Conventions website shown below.

Discounts apply on flights originating on Saturday, January 21, 2017, through and including Wednesday, February 8, 2017. The discounts may not be used in conjunction with any other promotion, discount or special offer.

  • Business Class discounts of 10% to 20% are based on availability of certain booking classes found only the Turkish Conventions website. (See below)
  • Economy Class discounts of 3% to 15% are offered on various booking classes as available on the Turkish Conventions website.
  • Contact to receive WFTGA’s private Event Code assigned by Turkish Airlines within 24 hours.
  • The promotion code may not be distributed to anyone who will not be a registered participant of WFTGA’s 2017 International Tourist Guide Convention in Tehran, Iran, nor used by those registered only for pre- and post-convention tours.
  • Once you have the Event Code, proceed to the online booking tool for Turkish Conventions by visiting the website at

and use the Event Code under delegate section.  “Delegate,” for the purpose of this agreement, refers to all attendees of the 2017 convention, not just Delegates to the General Assembly.

Kashan Optional Program!

Kashan Optional Program

With regard to the fact that some of the participants leave the country late night on February 6th or the following day, they can have a visit to Kashan on February 6th and 7th.

The Tentative Program:

February 6th

  • Visiting Fin Garden, a historic Persian garden, and Tabatabaeis’ House, a historic house
  • Having dinner
  • Staying at traditional Hotels
  • Transfer to the Airport

February 7th

  • Having breakfast
  • Visiting Tape Sialk, a large ancient archaeological site
  • Being familiar with tourism attractions in Aran and Bidgol: Nooshabad, an ancient underground city, having lunch including local foods and giving information about the Maranjab Desert
  • Visiting traditional textile workshops, the Grand Bazaar and Ameris’ House, Iran’s largest historic house and having dinner

According to your flight time, you will be provided with transfer service 3 hours before your departure.


  • Single (€110)
  • Double (€60/per Person)


It is recommended visiting Kashan. Submit your request to



The small oasis city of Kashan is located in the Isfahan province of Iran and well-known for its traditional houses, one of which has been converted into a traditional hotel. This 7000 -year town is among the first human residences that now known as “DAROLMOMENIN”, city of believers, as it is a highly religious city where women mostly wear chadors.

Sialk Hills, which date back to about 7000 years ago, are located in south of Kashan close to Fin Persian garden, which is among those nine Persian Gardens inscribed by UNESCO in 2011.

A couple of historic houses such as Tabatabaei, Boroujerdi and Abbasian houses are among the attractions can be visited in the city center. All are turned into tourist attractions that have Biruni, the exterior area of the house, and Andaruni, the interior area of the house, courtyards. Sultan Amir Ahmad bathhouse is a great sample of traditional bathhouse with three main sections of Sarbineh, the dressing hall, Garmkhaneh, the hot bathing hall, and Miyandar, the area between these two. Its decoration and ornamentation make it to be considered amongst the best in Iran.

Ancient Kashan bazaar is a feast for the eyes of every visitor for its masterpiece Amin-al-Doleh Timche, in which there is still a small teahouse that people of all walks of life gather together to have tea. Qajar-era Mosque of Agha Bozorg which later become a theological school.

Noush Abad underground city and the Maranjab Desert are other sites are on the list of many visitors come to Iran. Niasar and its fire temple welcome tourists from everywhere during the Rose and Rosewater Festival annually. The Carpet Washing (Ghali Shuyan) Ceremony, which is a historical and religious one, is held at Mahshad-e Ardahal. The ritual was registered on UNESCO’s list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2012.

Kashan is known for its great handmade carpets. If you stay longer you may visit one of those Sharbafi (traditional silk textile handicraft) workshops in Kashan.

After an exciting day there is nothing better than a dish of local food. Gusht-o-Lubia (meat and bean) with Shefte Sumac are the iconic dishes of Kashan. Do not leave the city without drinking traditional extracts and enjoying the cookies.

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