What is the way to pay prices if not using credit cards?

There are many exchange offices available in all the cities you will visit. It is recommended having the US Dollar, EURO or Pound.  Furthermore, you can also pay by Visa or Master Credit Cards in some handicraft stores.

Where is the Convention going to take place?


How many days is it going to last for?

Five days: January 28th to February 1st

What are the pre and post-tour Convention Programs?

Pre-convention Tour: January 25th to 27th including Qazvin, Zanjan & Hamadan

Qazvin: Sa’ad Al-saltane Caravanserai (Iran’s largest trading center)

Zanjan: Dome of Soltanyieh (the largest brick dome in the world, UNESCO site)

Hamadan: House of Esther, the Biblical Queen and her cousin (an important Jewish pilgrimage site), Abuali Sina Tomb (a Persian physician), Tape Hegmatane (an archaeological hill)

Post-convention Tour: February 1st to 6th including Shiraz, Yazd & Isfahan

Shiraz: Karim Khan Castle, Tomb of Hafez ( a Persian poet who lauds the joys of love and wine), Persepolis (the largest Persian empire, impressive palace complex, UNESCO site), Naqsh-e Rostam (a cliff overlooking a plain enriched by a mountain, there are reliefs belonging to Elamites, Achaemenians, 500 B.C. and the Sassanid Period)

Yazd: Fire Temple (Zoroastrains’ house of Eternal Fire, a religious place to worship God), an old town (the phoenix of the desert has one of the largest earthen architecture in the world), Dolat Abad Garden (UNESCO Persian Garden), Tower of Silence (where vultures eat corpses, Zoroastrians’ burial site), Amirchakhmaq Square

Meybod: Narin Castle dating back to 4000 B.C., Ice House (it is used to keep ice throughout the year), Caravanserai (a large inn providing accommodation for travellers)

Isfahan: Naqsh-e Jahan Square (the second historical largest square in the world), Ali Qapou Palace, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Jame Mosque (a complete complex of handicrafts, arts, mosaics and shops), Chehel Sotun Palace, (UNESCO Persian Garden), Vank Church (an Armenians’ savior cathedral), Si-o-she pol (a magnificent historical bridge dating back to the 17th century)

How can I register for the Convention?

Fill out the registration form on http://www.wftga2017.com/register/, please.

You can either pay by Visa Credit Cards or bank transfer.

What time period is planned for the registration?

August 1st to December 30th

Is it possible to just register for the pre or post-Convention tour?

You cannot only register for the pre-Convention tour, but the same is not true about the post-Convention package.

What is the difference between participants and accompanying people?

A participant is a tourist guide who comes from one of the member associations, while an accompanying person is the one who is not a tourist guide but will accompany a delegate or participant.

What are the differences between the programs for participants and accompanying people?

The programs are the same during the pre and post-Convention tours, whereas it is not true about the Convention itself.

Accompanying people can attend the opening ceremony.

Day 1: There will be St. Programs during lectures, plenary sessions and delegates meetings.

Day 2: They will be given a presentation focusing on Iran after housekeeping notes in plenary sessions.

Day 3: Workshops and lectures

Day 4: They will be invited to plenary session in morning.

Is it possible to attend the Convention with my family members, while they are not tourist guides?

Yes. They will be welcomed warmly as accompanying people.

Is free visa still available to apply for?

No, it isn’t. Fifty people have already registered submitted their requests for free visa.

How can I apply for a visa if I cannot get it on arrival at the Airport?

You need to fill out the form on the website and then you will be given a reference code and the letter of invitation in less than 15 days. Next, you can get your visa at the embassy or consulate in your area.

Is it still possible to attend the Convention on a scholarship?

No, it isn’t. The winners are already announced.

When is the visa letter of invitation planned to be sent?

October 31st

How much does on-arrival visa at the Airport cost?

The service is free. Considering your nationality, you need to pay the visa stamp fee.

How much does tourist visa cost?

Having filled out the form on the website, you will be given a reference code and then you can go to the embassy or consulate in your area and apply for the visa.

Is it a rule to leave passports at the Hotels reception?

Passports will be kept in safety-deposit box. You will not need your passport to change money. There is no need to worry at the issue.

Is it possible to check in at the Hotel the night before the pre or post-Convention tour?

You should put in your request for an extra night.

How much does it cost to be transferred from the Airport to the Hotel?

There are three different types of prices: 700000, 800000 and 950000 Rials. €1 equals approximately 40000 Rials.

Is free transfer available from the Hotel Azadi to the Hotel Homa? How much time does it take to be transferred?

Yes, it is. Depending on traffic, it will take about 20 minutes or more based on traffic.

What is the time to be transferred to the Airport after the post-Convention tour?

Depending upon your departure flight time, you will be transferred to the Airport four hours before your flight. There is no difference whether it is from Tehran or Kashan.

My departure flight time is at 12 p.m. on January 6th.

  1. Is it possible to have a visit to Kashan? Yes, it is. You are required to pay for an extra night.
  2. What is the time to be transferred? You will be transferred to the Airport four hours before your flight time.

Is the Internet access available enough? What about the social media?

Iran is connected to World Wide Web. Hence you can use the Internet on your laptop or cell phone. Accordingly, you can get connected to social media like Telegram, WhatsApp etc but not Facebook and Tweeter. 3G and 4G cell phone coverage is also provided in all the cities.

Is enough time available to buy souvenirs on the pre or post-Convention tour?

Yes, you will have enough time to buy souvenirs.

What is the way to pay prices if not using credit cards?

There are many exchange offices available in all the cities you will visit.
There is also a more convenient alternative to cash. There are prepaid cards offered at our Hospitality Desk at Azadi and Homa Hotels where you can exchange your cash (at daily rates) for prepaid cards loaded with local currency.
– $250/ €200 prepaid cards available
– Opening hours: Jan 30th to Feb 3rd (9:00 AM to 15:00 PM)
– It is essential to have your passport with you when applying for a card.
– Prepaid cards are accepted everywhere in the country
– when you need cash in local currency ATMs are abundant everywhere
– The remaining credit (if any) will be refunded to you

Can auction items be brought to Iran or not?

Yes, they can.  They must not be against the country’s laws.

How should I get dressed and behave at the Convention Gala Dinner?

You should consider Iran’s common accepted dress and behavioral codes. You can wear your national clothes and behave in your own way if they meet the requirements.

Do the foods appeal to vegetarians?

Yes, they do.  

What is the weather like? Should I wear warm clothes?

It will be rather cold. The average will be about two to fifteen degrees centigrade.

When is the General Assembly?

On Friday, January 27th 2017 from 8:30 on with registration

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