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Foods are interesting individually and when they are served with the appropriate drink, they are more delicious. Stunning variety of culinary makes it possible for everyone to choose the right food according to taste.

Iranian foods are different from the North to the South even you can taste different kind of fishes with various savor which is shown that Caspian Sea in the North and Persian Gulf in the South have completely different ecosystems.

Iranian main courses are comprised with rice. As a lunch or as a dinner, rice with other foodstuffs is the most important Iranian course. In every small and big restaurants, at all small and major cities, a plate of rice is served with your request.

Kebabs are on the list of every tourist who wants to visit Iran. Different kinds of Kebabs cook in various part of the country. Bakhtiari Kebab, Chenjeh Kebab, Bonab Kebab and Loghmeh Kebab are among the most delicious ones. If you are lucky enough, you can eat each of them in its original city.

Next amazing Iranian food is stew. Colorful stews are categorized into a wide range and mostly are served with rice. You can have the best of them at Qazvin, Yazd and Tehran.

It is common to eat Dizi on holidays in Iran when all members of family gather together and enjoy a healthy delicious food. Dizi usually serves with onion, Sangak bread (a kind of bread which is baked traditionally only in Iran), fresh vegetable and pickles. In every city you can enjoy the best Dizi. Do not miss it.

These are the main traditional dishes of Iran which are mostly served with Doogh (mix of yogurt, water and mint) as a local beverage. This traditional drink can be served as a healthy beverage with meals. Whenever Dizi is served, Doogh is counted as an inseparable beverage.

Aromatic group of beverage are distilled liquids which have medicinal and therapeutic properties.

Iranian desserts are noticeable too. Shole Zard (mix of rice, Saffron and sugar), Baghlava Yazdi (kind of traditional sweet), Shir Berenj (mix of rice and milk) and traditional ice-creams like Faloode and Saffron ice-cream are on the top of the list.

It is good to mention that alcoholic drinks and any kind of wine and beer is forbidden in Iran and according to the Islamic rules, no bacon, ham, smoked pork are served in restaurants. So, do not look for any of them, instead enjoy an Iranian one! Keep in touch with us, to read more about traditional dishes in each city.


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