There are so many types of souvenir ideas in Iran, as a vast country, as it offers multitudes of gift ideas to tourists. When you are traveling to Iran do not miss the chance to strolling through winding bazaars and buy a piece of Iranian art as a souvenir.

The handicrafts, among various types of Iranian arts, reflect the ancient history and national identity of Iran. Iranian handicrafts have both aesthetic and practical dimensions. The variety of Iranian handicrafts makes every tourist to buy a valuable handmade product from each corner of Iran.

The first and the most important handicraft of Iran that you can buy with different pattern from mostly everywhere are carpets. The variety of patterns is rooted in distinct art of carpet weaving in different parts of Iran. This art has been changed from rural products into an advanced industry. Herati, Paisley motif, Lachack & Toranj and special nomadic designs are among the famous patterns. You can find other similar handicrafts like Klim, Rug, Jajim and Gabbeh in most old bazaars of Iran. Traditional printing, clay and handmade dishes, miniatures, enamel and glazed potteries and textile production besides Termeh, the soft woolen fabric, copper and brass utensils can be offered as the souvenirs. Surely, you can find the appropriate handicraft according to your taste.

Alongside handicrafts, Nuts are the other souvenirs on the top. Hazelnuts, peanuts, almonds and especially pistachio are among favorites. Local sweets and cookies in various cities are acceptable by every traveler who admires sweet souvenirs.

Traditional clothes are other attractions in Iran that are interesting for everyone. Colourful clothes with local designs are worn mostly by villagers. Common clothes of women are long skirts, scarves and bright blouse and men usually wear trousers with long-sleeved shirt. There are places in most of villages that you can try these clothes and take photos. You can also buy the appropriate clothes for yourself.

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