Tehran, heart of Iran

The commercial heart of Iran always welcome tourists from all over the world. Tehran is located in the center of Iran, at the foothills of Alborz Mountains. Having had the main airport of the country, Imam Khomeini, Tehran is known as the first entrance for many visitors to Iran.

The capital of Iran also has another airport mainly for domestic flights. Mehrabad is a great place to jump off to other cities in Iran.

Several splendid museums, galleries, ancient palaces, beautiful parks, restaurants and kind people make Tehran worth to visit. At the north of Tehran you can take a walk to Sa’adabad Complex with more than 12 palaces that are different from each other. Most of these palaces date back to Pahlavi time, the dynasty who ruled over Iran till 1977, one year before the revolution. Niavaran complex is another historic place that let you get familiar with Pahlavi family.

At the center of Tehran, we encounter two noticeable museums, carpet museum and contemporary art museum. A few kilometers away, around Khomeini Sq. Iran National Museum, is the first point of the many travelers for starting their visit to Iran. Near this fantastic museum, Abgineh, the museum of ceramic and glassware is located in 30-Teer St. catches the eyes of every visitor.

The Qajar king, Naser-o-din Shah ordered to build the Sun building, the tallest building of Tehran (1785-1925) at that time. Later as Tehran became modern the structures of buildings have been changed and the Sun building known as the symbol of Golestan palace. The colorful palace which is visited by tourists as the Qajar dynasty palace. By leaving the palace you can stroll in the Grand Bazaar of Tehran and eat at one of those famous restaurants in this district.

The  latest  and  the  largest  capital  of  Iran is  attached  with  traffic.  So, when you are  in Tehran considers that you may stuck at traffic for several minutes more than the common time, so you need to leave your place a few minutes sooner for not being late at your favor destination.

Regarding to the rule of capital, Tehran is the main educational center in Iran. Prominent universities of country are located in Tehran, so Tehran welcomed bunch of enthusiastic students each year. Alongside educational center, Tehran is known as the center for international exhibitions that are held in the country and is hosted many people from all over the world.

The facade of Tehran is becoming colorful during New Year, when everyone is ready for the New Year and two weeks holiday. You can see how people try to celebrate Nowruz, vacuum everywhere, buy new clothes and enjoy their holidays by traveling to different part of the country. As well, Iranians celebrate New Year, they visit their relative, and the oldest member of the family gives gift to the younger members.

Tehran has always something to present. Visit this city step by step.


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